Our Cottage core friends are the best addition to a picnic we could ask for. A special knack for cooking and the queen of snacks, these beautiful women always come prepared when there is a party to attend! A baked camembert is her specialty, but she also makes a mean cake when a birthday rolls around.

An avid gardener, she will always make a point to tell you what type of flower you’re walking past and a little background on their origins. Her tiny metropolitan veggie patch is impressive and exceptionally tended to. She loves to gift you some of her produce every time you come for a visit. 

Her summertime uniform is a clash of vibrant prints, colours and easy silhouettes. A jumpsuit is her go-to and you’ll always catch her in a cute pair of mules.

Our cottage core cutie lives for a glass of Pet Nat and will often be spotted at Edinburgh Gardens even when there is only a brief glimmer of sun.