About Us

SISTER is joyful everyday clothing made in Melbourne, Australia by Emma Cutri & Alice McIntosh. 


Not so long ago, Emma and Alice were making clothes for their surrounding sisters and friends, then friends of friends until they intuitively created SISTER.

SISTER is an extension of the enjoyment Emma and Alice get from hanging out and making things together. The two met years ago when they strutted into each other at the disco. At the time, Emma was studying fashion and Alice was finishing school. Since, they have shared many festive times, sparkling wines and dinners together. Emma has returned to fashion with a relaxed attitude and is also a teacher of art, textiles and dance. Alice studied sculpture and comes towards fashion with a broad perspective. When they are not sistering, they are dancing, visiting waterholes and swimming in the ocean with Emma’s poodle, Beanie.

Photography by: Fashion Journal