In the beginning of SISTER Studios, we created every garment and sewed every tag by hand. Since then, it's been imperative to keep the manufacturing of SISTER close to home. Coming from a background in fashion and textiles, we understand the cultural significance and importance of the textile and clothing industry here in Melbourne, Australia. It’s important for us to be hands on throughout the entire manufacturing process and build relationships with our supply-chain and community. Every producer we work alongside is part of the wider SISTER community and we’re proud to call them family.

Relying on a handful of local manufacturing businesses from around Melbourne’s northern suburbs and beyond, SISTER proudly collaborates with makers who are treated fairly and properly supported by their employers. We partner with conscious manufacturers who demonstrate a commitment to a transparent and ethical supply chain. Many of our partnered businesses are family-run and are rich in history and knowledge. This passing down of expertise and skill means SISTER pieces have been created to the highest quality and will be with you for years to come.

We also support a selection of local artisans and creatives by stocking their pieces in our SISTER Store.

To tread as lightly as possible on our local environment has and will always be front of mind here at SISTER. From a collection’s conception right through to you wearing your garments, we have carefully considered ways in which SISTER can be gentler on mother earth.

Often, even before starting a collection, our fabric choices are made based upon a selection of dead stock options we source. Designing our collections around fabrics that would be otherwise wasted is not only a fun challenge but works perfectly with our conservative and considered production approach. We operate on a lean manufacturing system which translates to limited edition garments to minimise the occurrence of waste throughout our supply chain.

Through optimising our resources from designing patterns with minimal offcuts to creating small goods with fabrics left over, we can get the most out of what we have. For anything left over, we will always donate scraps to local kindergartens, schools or studios who will breathe new life into them.

Operating locally in Melbourne also helps us tread more lightly within our manufacturing and courier processes. We often transport goods to and from our manufacturers ourselves, opting not to use plastic packaging.

Environmentally mindful considerations have also been made when it comes to delivering your online orders and the directions to care for your SISTER pieces.

SISTER parcels are packed with love and sent within a compostable satchel that will decompose within your household composting system. Throughout your wearing relationship, we encourage our sisterhood to care for their pieces with a gentle and conscious approach - Only wash, when necessary, with cold water when possible and let them dry naturally out of the rays of the sun.

As a brand and business owners we are constantly evolving and learning in best practices, if you’d like to suggest something or chat to us about our sustainable practice, we are all ears! You can reach us at