Our country cuties out there are easy, breezy, beautiful and have a relaxed outlook on most things in life. She loves spending time out of the city and connecting with gentle creatures big and small. She thrives in the summertime where layers are minimal, and the sunny evenings are at their longest. 

Lover of all things cute, feminine and floral, this friend is utterly obsessed with Dolly Parton and would do anything to be more like Jolene. Topping every outfit off with some beautiful jewels and hair in braids, our softly spoken friend would fit in perfectly on the ‘Little House on the Prairie’ set. 

A simple life is totally her jam and so are clothes that beautifully match that. Flowy, linen goodness is her go-to and a pair of cowboy boots to rough it up in tops of her signature style.

Her favourite colours are ones that are light in hue and soft on the eyes!

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