Meet Dream Girl, Natalie

Meet Dream girl, longstanding member of the SISTERhood and dear friend, Natalie Rambaldi. Nat is a fabulous dancer, believer in the power of movement and also shares a home with our very own Alice. Her creativity is a constant inspiration to us and we love to feature her as much as possible as an ultimate SISTER girl.

Her background of Mauritian and Italian cultures are responsible for her deep connection of dance and collective movement. Family and dance are big parts of what make her happy and keep her connected to who she is.

A whole lot of joy, positive energy and happiness was felt from Nat and as we asked her some dream questions. Soak up her generous answers below…

What are your earliest memories of dance?
My earliest memories of dance are with family. My big Mauritian family parties were always rambunctious! Aunties, cousins and grandma shaking their booties to disco, pop, funk and Mauritian sega music. On my Italian side, I remember formal dances at Italian clubs – two-stepping with my nonna.

How has your relationship with dance changed over the years?
Growing up, I always felt like the worst dancer in class. And, I had low confidence. I still feel self-conscious about my lack of technical skill but, these days, it is overwhelmed by my compulsion to move.

I’ve learnt to let go of an understanding of dance as a form with normative standards, establishing criteria for good and bad dance. Instead, I view it as an expression of my body as a material, focusing on the way it feels, rather than how it looks.

Music feels good and dancing makes it feel even better. So what if I’m not a great dancer? It makes me happy and so I make it an important part of how I live.

Why do you like dance as an art form?
Everyone can dance. I love that babies dance before they can walk. I love that our bodies jiggle and sway to reveal our emotional responses. We all dance, and yet, our movements are individual and distinct. I love how you can recognise a friend by their dancing silhouette.

Dance connects us to each other through music. We dance before we can talk, and, when babies dance, they smile. Moving my body freely to rhythm and melody, in unison with others, is an emotional and spiritual experience.
Music and movement are so important to Nat that she has generously created us all a Spotify playlist that truly encapsulates her vibrancy. Listen to it here 🎵

Emma & Alice xo