Denim Muses: Brooke Shields

Who? Brooke Shields
Why are they a denim muse? It is extremely hard to think of vintage denim and not think of Brooke Shields in that iconic 1981 Calvin Klein campaign. The hair, the leg kick, the casually styled open button shirt and of course, the deep indigo denim. It’s a mood board favourite!

Denim moment to remember? Aside from the Calvin Klein campaign, Brooke was the ultimate 80s denim girly. She was snapped everywhere in denim from casually on the street, to the red carpet. But there is one particular image of her on a boat in denim cut-offs that stands out. Brooke is wearing a blue fringed one piece, open shirt and the perfect pair of denim cut-offs. After seeing this image, try and stop yourself from grabbing a pair of scissors and chopping your nearest pair of jeans.

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