🍒 6 Years of SISTER 🍒

To celebrate 6 years of creating clothing, community and the ultimate SISTERhood, we’re looking back on our favourite SISTER moments in time.
Come with us for a walk down memory lane as we explore the past 6 years of SISTER fashion and fun.

Here are the milestones and memories that make us the most proud..

The Summer of 2015 & 2016
The cosmic birthing of Sister! The start of SISTER flowed easily, we were hanging out and making dresses from Emma’s house. The home was bubbling over with work and play, there was always music, dancing, cooking and sewing. At the end of a day, we’d deliver our apron dresses to the sweet customers we knew or met online, this interaction started to give Sister a heartbeat!

2016 was a big jump for us when we were invited to be in the Emerging Designers show in VAMFF. Having our clothes elevated to this level gave us a whole new lense on SISTER. We felt like SISTER was transitioning from a bedroom label to a new phase. We also had our first pop up shop in Collingwood, which was full of sculptures by Alice. The pop up was the first time customers could enter a little cosmic door into the Sister universe, and we were ecstatic to share it with everyone.

“ Being involved in the Emerging designer fashion show for Vamff was a major highlight. We felt so special with our families coming together to celebrate what we had been working on. We also moved into our first studio this year which was just heaven for me, being around makers and other creative friends pushed me more than I can explain" - EMMA

2017 OUR TRIP TO LA! Neither of us can ever bring up this trip without smiling and yearning for the experience all over again! Our time in LA was so amazing, we met gorgeous designers, shop gals, photographers and super friendly Californians who were up for hanging out. We came back really inspired from this trip and you can really feel that in the collections that came after.

2018 was the year we spied a little corner shop in Fitzroy North and took a leap into the shop world. We had always dreamt of a SISTER shop and had looked at many different buildings over the years. This one just felt right! Opening the shop made us feel grounded in a place where we could continue building relationships with our community, get to know customers and create a fresh, fun SISTER space!

“ Opening our shop was a dream come true, it was so exciting to be grounded in a space where we could start to form relationships with our local community. I really loved getting to know customers, doing the flowers and decorating the space." - Alice

2019 a year we were grounding locally. We were sustaining the shop, starting to introduce more jewellery and ceramics and having events in the space. We made our first hoodie and started to work with artists to introduce more prints into our designs. We had a huge birthday party at Lazer pig, which was so fun! We also had a gorg trip to Sydney to pop up with our friend Camp Cove!

2020 for the shop started and ended with a summer bang!

In between, we were open and closed too many times to count. We focused on staying afloat and riding the Covid tide as a small business. We were so grateful to our customers who came with us online and felt very cared for by our beautiful community at our studio and in our shop neighbourhood. When summer finally came again and the virus numbers were low, the summer collection had a huge buzz around it! It was the perfect picnic collection and we loved seeing it confettied through the summer picnics and parties.

2021 has been the year where our winter collection has really shone out of the SISTER galaxy. We had always thought of SISTER as a summer brand, and that our winter collections were just a little polly pocket with a few staple pieces. Working closely with our textile designer, Megan and pattern maker, Katie has allowed us to evolve and grow as a label. With this strong winter collection, we feel like SISTER has the energy to keep bursting out shooting star energy with designs that make our customers feel cute as cosmic pie.

“ When it hasn’t been lockdown, I was really loving my time in the shop on weekends. Because I have been studying, shop life was such a fun little injection of friends and sweet customers! I genuinely miss all our lovely customers and hope we can have a big street party outside our shop one day." - Alice

Thanks to all our SISSYS for being on this 6 year journey with us, we pinch ourselves each day that we get to do what makes us so happy.

Emma & Alice xo