5 Things You Didn't Know About our Fountain Print

One of our favourite elements of our latest collection 'A Charmed Life' is a bespoke print created by talented pal Megan McNeill of Trinket Solo.

A collection inspired by symbolic ideas of love and romance through baroque texture and prints, it was so important to have our own bespoke pattern to create some super special garments.

Every season Megan creates one, if not two, unique prints for each collection, and they stand as a really important element we build our season around. For Winter 2022, our brief to Megan was to create something unique, romantic and with a European charm, and this if how the Fountain Print was born.

We are always so amazed by the way Megan works, so we sat down with her and asked some questions on how the Fountain Print came to be. Learn more about her process and how she brought the print to life below...

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the Fountain Print?
The collection is very romantic and feminine and we thought that cherubs, fountains and Baroque architecture would be a fun direction to take the print in. We wanted the print to look quite subtle from afar, but up close you can see all of these beautiful details in the etchings and decorative elements.

Where did you find all the elements to create it?
We looked through art and design museum archives for the elements. The print is made up of 17th and 18th century etchings of fountains, buildings, columns and cherubs that all had expired copyright. Emma is Italian, and I am an italophile myself so I was really obsessed with finding the perfect elements to use in the composition.

Can you tell us a bit about the process of designing it?
Once we source the imagery, I use photoshop to create a collage of everything, and arrange the elements to make sure the design is in repeat, so that when it is printed the pattern is seamless and there are no gaps or lines. Then I sat down with Emma to choose the colours (we landed on a beautiful chocolate and caramel) for the print and make sure the artwork is set up to send to the printer.

What is your favourite ‘A Charmed Life’ piece featuring the Fountain Print?
I pretty much live in the Fountain Print Bike shorts, they are such a fun style for the print and are made with recycled nylon.

So special you were able to wear your print down the SISTER Runway during Melbourne Fashion week! How did you feel wearing the Vivienne Dress on the runway?
I was so honoured to get to wear one of my designs on the runway. I loved wearing the Vivienne Dress. The silk drapes so beautifully and is reminiscent of the marble statues in the print.

We are also super excited to bring our very first ever SISTER Bikini to you all this year! Shop the Bella Bikini in Fountain Print here.

Emma & Alice,