Fabrics & Care

SISTER loves natural fibres so we try our best to select fabrics that breathe easy
and work with your body.



Linen is considered the world’s strongest natural fibre. Cultivated from flax, it is much more sustainable than cotton as it uses less water to produce. Linen is a hypoallergenic fabric that allows air to move freely through the garment therefore releases moisture fast. Linen is also biodegradable so it breaks down in the earth faster than plastic derived fibres (polyester) which means it releases less carbon and harmful chemicals into the earth.


Cotton is also hypoallergenic and insulates the body. Cotton doesn’t retain odours like other fabrics so you can minimise washes and therefore prolong the life of your garments by washing less. Cotton is a low maintenance fabric, it is strong and can handle a lot of wear.

Dead stock Fabrics

Sourcing dead stock fabrics is a SISTER hobby and also a huge benefit to minimising waste. Turning old fabrics into practical and long lasting garments allows us to give new life to a roll of fabric. Buying dead stock fabric also creates less of a demand to fabric distributors By using dead stock fabric we are not adding to the demand for factories to produce more metres of new fabric.


Majority of our garments are made from natural fibres which can handle a lot of wash and wear, however, minimal washing prolongs the life of your garment as water, detergent and UV can wear fabric down.

You can do your part to prolong the life of garment and help the environment by:

-       Staying away from the dryer

-       Spot cleaning instead of washing a whole garment

-       Gentle hand washing

-       Using natural/ organic washing liquids

-       Hanging your clothes out in a breeze overnight or just near a window to air out any odours.

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Photography by: Madeleine Burke