🌻 Sunny Sydney Shoot 🌻

🌻 Sunny Sydney Shoot 🌻

We're thrilled to present our latest shoot featuring some of our newest arrivals from the Magic Happens collection. 

 It’s always fun to send our garments away so that they can be styled and shot with fresh eyes to create new outfits and looks for us. "
- Emma & Alice

Shot on the sunny Sydney streets and parks, we had to postpone this shoot a few times due to COVID but it was well worth the wait. It feels amazing to be again connected to the cities that have seemed so far for so long. 

We love working with creatives in other part of Australia and seeing how they play with SISTER. 
Amber and Bailey bring such fun and life to these pieces and represent the SISTER gal so perfectly. These images bring us with so much joy and we hope they do the same to you!

Shop the collection here.

A campaign shoot to bring some sunshiny yellow to you wherever you are. Explore the full gallery of images below!

Photographer - Ellen Virgora
Stylist - Alexis Aquino 
Models - Amber and Bailey from Stone Street Agency 

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