Our Love Languages

Our Love Languages

Our latest collection, ‘Love Language' was inspired but the way we communicate and show love ♥️♥️

It should come at no surprise that us (Alice and Emma) are very in-tune with the way we show affection, especially between one another. Since meeting and falling madly for one another on the d-floor many moons ago, we have not only obsessed with the concept of Love Languages for some time, but been obsessed with talking about each other’s.

The 5 love languages were conceptualised in the early 1990’s by an author by the name of Gary Chapman. These 5 categories define the preference in communication between you and a great love.

Whether it be your best pal or lover, these 5 below languages represent the ways in which we both love to give and receive love.

1. Words of affirmation- saying supportive things to your love.
2. Quality time - spending meaningful time with your love.
3. Receiving gifts -giving your love gifts that tell them you were thinking about them.
4. Acts of service - doing helpful things for your love.
5. Physical touch - being close to and caressed by your love.

Curious about what your love languages are? Take the quiz here!

Besties from way back, obsessed with all things love and naming our collection after them, we thought it would be super cute to ask each other questions about our love languages. Our answers below..

♥️♥️ ALICE  ♥️♥️

What are your love languages? How do you show those around you love?

“My love languages are definitely gifts and acts of service. I love cooking for people, feeding people, dropping a cookie on a doorstep and generally showing my love through food.”

What is yours and Emma’s love language?

“I also love words of affirmation to those close to me, especially Emma! It’s usually how we end most conversations like ‘Can you please order more size labels? Love you!’ I can drop the I love you pretty loosely sometimes, accidentally extending it to our manufacturers, but hey more love!”

What is your fav all time love song / romantic movie / romantic meal?

“Oooo my friends Mouth Tooth’s song ‘New Age’, it’s a blue romance song, with a pining for love sort of mood.  Any long dinner is romantic to me, I love a walk, drink, dinner and cinema time.”

♥️♥️ EMMA ♥️♥️

What are your love languages? How do you show those around you love?

“My love languages are definitely words of affirmation and physical touch. I loveee being told by my friends and partner that I am loved, thanked and appreciated. I also am crazy for cuddles and back rubs. Alice gives the best back rubs on the planet, and also knows the way to my heart with her act of kindness with cooking. Alice is always dropping off food, sharing food.”

What is yours ahere!nd Alice’s love language?

“I think Alice’s love language to me is words of affirmation and acts of kindness we are always sending sweet encouraging messages to each other and Alice picks me flowers :)”

What is your fav all time love song / romantic movie / romantic meal?

“My favourite love song is several shades of why by J mascis. It tugs at my heart strings every single time. Fav romantic movie is always and forever My Girl.”

If you’re feeling loved up or need something to get you there, us gals have put together a Spotify playlist with our top love songs. Listen here.

You can shop the full Love Language collection here.

Emma & Alice xo

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