Meet Zeïna Thiboult AKA Zyumaya

Meet Zeïna Thiboult AKA Zyumaya

A long-time friend and ultimate dream girl, Zeïna has been part of the SISTERhood for years and we are such big fans of everything she produces.

Senegalese-born and Melbourne-based, Zeïna is a filmmaker, creative, content creator and an AMAZING roller-skater.

Recently achieving a long-term dream of hers to be part of the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) program, we are so proud of her and this huge accomplishment.  

Shot on beautiful Wurundjeri land, ‘Craftsman’ is a stunning exploration of cultural identity, agency and empowerment. Having produced, shot and stared in the film, this 19-minute flick is such a personal representation of Zeïna, and a must-watch.

You can check out more about Craftman here.

We were so lucky to have Zeïna generously sit down and answer some of our fave questions below..

What does work mean to you and what do you do?
Work means learning. I always try to take on jobs that are outside of my comfort zone. I work in film with my partner. We spend our time making fiction films, documentary films and commercial films. I also work as a creative director and content creator which always involves learning.
Tell us a dream you’ve made come true?
There’s actually a couple: I still can’t believe that my partner and I fully sustain ourselves with our filmmaking practice. I’m so grateful that I don’t work “jobs” that I don’t like anymore. The second dream was to be taken at a film festival. Our last short film was taken to MIFF. It’s funny because most people don’t care about your short films but it means so much to me after so many years of practice and self teaching me this practice to be acknowledged somehow."
How do you unwind?
I love watching movies. I love it when a movie I haven’t watched before ends up being in my top ten but mostly I watch the ones I know I love. Like Clueless, Chasing Amy, Lost in Translation, Before Sunset, Dazed and Confused and many more! 
What does the word sisterhood mean to you?
“Sisterhood is a language that doesn’t need words. It’s a place that you can’t see and a lullaby that makes you dance."
What does your dream house look like?
My dream house looks like a typical Senegalese house with a rooftop and a courtyard as your lounge room. It’s made out of painted mud, mosaic floors and has secret rooms all over.

Favourite food?
Senegalese food, Italian food and Vietnamese food.
Ocean or desert?
Aperitif or digestiff?
Aperitif, because it means that the sun is still out.
Sunrise or sunset?
Sunrise because it's more peaceful. "
Dance party or dinner party?
Dinner party turning into a dance party.
One or two things you want to do before you leave earth?
Have children, build a house, travel more and have a movie premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.
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Emma & Alice xo

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