Meet Sienna AKA Hello Sisi

Meet Sienna AKA Hello Sisi

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Meet Sienna Ludbey, one of our besties, queen of cute and the brains behind the cutest bags out there. 

We're so lucky to share our studio with Sisi and be able to witness her creative process when it comes to her baby Hello Sisi.

Inspired by and almost named after her devoted love affair with Hello Kitty, Hello Sisi is best known for creating colourful PVC bags and wallets, and we are obsessed with them!

When it comes to Sisi bags, you can expect them to feature saved lolly wrappers, magazine cut-outs, fun stickers, and lots and lots of sparkle.
Every Sisi piece is unique and made with a huge amount of love here in Melbourne.

Lover of all things glittery, cartoon and our very own nostalgia princess, Sienna answered some of our dreamiest quick-fire questions below..

What does work mean to you and what do you do?
My brand is called Hello SISI :) Work means everything to me I love what I do.

Tell us a dream you’ve made come true?
I’ve always wanted to run my own brand and I can’t believe it’s been 3 years I feel so lucky.
How do you wind up?
Margaritas & Bodak Yellow.

What can friends count on you for?
Honesty & loyalty.
How do you unwind?
“Pinterest & Etsy with a coconut bubble tea + lychee jelly always."

What does the word sisterhood mean to you?
Long chats on the phone.

What does your dream house look like?
I love Polly pocket toy houses if I could bring one to life I would be a happy gal.

What’s baking in your oven/ Specialty?
I can’t bake but my Pinterest board loves anything from Benny Cake.

Favorite food?
A good spaghetti marinara.

How do you keep a healthy mind, body and soul?
I walk to the studio everyday and I love to listen to the podcast called modern love. It makes my heart happy.

Ocean or desert?

Sunrise or sunset?
Dance party or dinner party?
Dinner party that turns into a dance party
Your most memorable holiday?
Japan in 2019 I was there for 6 weeks by myself and I walked everywhere saw so many cute things and met so many amazing people. "
Favourite smell?

What’s on your bedside table?
Powerpuff girl alarm clock.

The first album you ever bought is…?
Killing Heidi, Reflector.

What are you listening to now?

One or two things you want to do before you leave earth?
I want to have my own shop and I want to visit Texas.

Happiness is at the core of every Hello Sisi creation and design and it shows!
Sienna is a ball of absolute joy, sunshine, rainbows and butterflies and we count our lucky stars everyday that Sisi is part of our SISTERhood forever.

Follow everything Hello Sisi & Sienna via the handles below, we know you’ll fall in love with her goodies just like we have!

Hello Sisi Instagram
Hello Sisi Website

Emma & Alice xo

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