Meet Megan McNeill

Meet Megan McNeill

Meet Megan McNeill, one of our besties, a fabulous textile designer and member of the SISTERhood.

We’re so lucky to share our studio space here in Melbourne with Meg, where she works on her textile brand Trinket Solo.

Trinket Solo is Megan’s baby and creative outlet where she produces some of the most amazing textural objects.
These artisanal textiles, cushions and bolsters are all crafted by hand, and inspired by interior design, decorative arts and ancient artefacts. Megan makes beautiful pieces for beautiful homes, and we think she’s the ultimate inspiration.

How did Trinket Solo come to be?

“I studied Textile Design at RMIT and have been working as a textile designer for homewares and fashion brands for almost ten years here in Australia and overseas. Melbourne is a great place for creatives as there are many opportunities to work and gain experience with larger, more established brands, but then there are also so many amazing independent labels you have the chance to work with also. More recently I have been working on my own homewares brand Trinket Solo, which I have been exploring tufted cushions, rugs and designing jacquard fabrics.”

One of our favourite things to do for each SISTER collection is to bring in a pal and creative we admire and work with them to create something super special.

For collection ‘Love Language’ we asked Meg to create a funky design to place on our signature caps and hoodies.

 What inspired your Love Language design?

“I took inspiration from a lot of things for this design, I really wanted a collage of elements, SISTER always have super playful graphics, so I was looking at Alexander Calder’s brass jewellery and cross stitch embroidery which informed the spiral shapes and the star and vase motifs.”

“I am very inspired by art deco textiles also - the ‘R' I modelled off a drawing of a fountain I had done for a print I never ended up using.
I love using traditional materials as much as I can. I started from sketches, I will redraw things so many times until I get it right, rather than put it into the computer and draw up in there.”

While most of the funky collab has now sold out, there are still a few pieces of the caps and hoods with Megan’s designs kicking around. Shop them here (if you’re a lucky one).
If you’ve missed out please don’t fret, we’ll have another Tricket Solo x SISTER collab to show off in an upcoming collection (because we love her so much).

What does it meant to be part of the SISTERhood?

“It means so much to be part of the SISTER family, I have been friends with Alice and Emma for over ten years, and I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to work with them as well.

SISTER have something really special; they manifest a real sense of community and I am so humbled to feel welcomed into that.” 💌 💌 💌

Follow everything Tricket Solo via the handles below, we know you’ll love everything as much as we do <3

Trinket Solo Website
Trinket Solo Instagram


Emma & Alice xo

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