Meet Al Nemaric

Meet Al Nemaric

Meet Al Nemaric, Artist, dear friend and proud member of the SISTERhood.

Here at SISTER one of our fave things to do is work alongside our fabulous friends who are amazing at what they do.

Collaborations have always been an important and special part of SISTER, and our merch program is the perfect vehicle for it to all take place. This season we teamed up with fellow SISTER pal and Morning-Peninsula artist Alexandra Nemaric, to create our Love Language print.

Practicing under the name ‘ORC’, Al’s body of work encompasses an ontological process inspired by the escapism she experienced being part of goth and punk culture in her teen years. Drawing inspiration from magical realism and personal experiences, focusing on strong themes of loss and longing, imagination, isolation and existentialism, Al’s work is complex, poetic and fantastical. With her preferred mediums being drawing, sculpture and wearable art, we were so excited to collaborate with her for our hero artwork.

Coming on board for our latest collection Love Language, Al’s interpretation for the hero artwork perfectly brings her own artistic style into the concept of what inspired our collection. Drawing on her relationship with her late Nonna, Al really honed in on the way both of them comminated affection although dealing with some language barriers…

What are your love languages? How do you show those around you love?

Nona and I spoke together in a language that was a mix of Slovenian, Croatian and English words. We mixed up words and I often found our communication repeated itself in symbols and feelings we shared for each other, rather than relying on the correctness of this language or that, we sort of didn’t really need to speak.

Love language to me is a language that floats above everything else.

It’s both good and bad with paradoxes and hypocrisy, humour, it’s complicated, protective, comforting and it floats. I still feel Nona in my heart and this is where we can still reach each other.

The print itself features a chained and flaming love heart, which portray the polarising feeling of being in love. The elation, and the heartache.

What is your creative process like? What does being part of SISTER mean to you?

My drawings usually follow this process of the immaterial or an image or layering of images that depict some kind of story or experience.

When I think about speaking or words and what love means I always think about her. I’m excited to be part of the sister collection as I feel the girls really hone in on this sense of sincere communication, community, friendship and sisterhood and in everything they do project a sense of love and generosity that they share with everyone, through clothes or community- they bring a lot of love.

If you love her work as much as we do, we encourage you to check out ORC’s channels below.

You can shop the full Love Language collection featuring Al’s print on hoods and tees, here.

Emma & Alice xo

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