Man Repeller and the perfect

Man Repeller and the perfect "Home" pants

Homebodies Rejoice! A List of the Perfect “Home” Pants according to Man Repeller and we were included!

Sister Studios’ Sondrine Pant
Picked by: Me, a.k.a Lisa (you met me up top!)

Why are these your ultimate home pants?
They are everything a pair of home pants should be: comfortable, breezy, light and with a stretchy waist. I can also take a sneaky nap in them and literally roll out of bed, leave the house and still feel put together/fit for the outside world. These pants are fuss-free, I just pull them on and get on with my day. I love the way they billow when I walk — I feel like I’m making powerful moves — even if I am just vacuuming.

Why is it important for you to look and feel good behind closed doors at home?
For me it’s important to take the time and dress for myself no matter where I am because it makes me feel good on the inside, which hopefully radiates on the outside. Self-care doesn’t have to be huge, it can be as small as finding the right pair of linen pants that make you feel like you’re in Nancy Meyers’ book club.

Important: Elasticated waist or zipper fly!
As the unofficial President of the Elasticated Waist Fan Club I take my duty to remove zippers from loungewear seriously. Also, with an elastic waist, opportunities to snack are infinite, because an elastic waist does not judge. It’s the Miss Congeniality of waistbands


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