Dream Sister| Roula Tzidras

Dream Sister| Roula Tzidras

This dream sister, Roula is the founder of Melbourne institution Monk House Design. Roula is one of the main reasons SISTER is where we are today, her guidance and encouragement from beginning has been an inspirational source for us. If anyone has ever met Roula, her calm aura is unforgettable and radiates love through the universe. 

Full name: Roula Tzidras

What does work mean to you and what do you do?

My work means spending time with people I like and admire and cloths that I find inspiring and beautiful.

I own and manage a business called Monk House Design.

Tell us a dream you’ve made come true?

Many years ago I was a single mum and always poor. I had a dream that I’d take an overseas trip every year. It seemed totally unrealistic at the time but somehow it happened soon after and I’ve have that yearly overseas trip ever since. 

 How do you unwind?

Getting out into nature.

How do you wind up?

I love music and I don’t mind a drink. They do it for me!

What can friends count on you for?

I think I am a pretty loyal person – but you’d have to ask my friends.

What does the word sisterhood mean to you?

To me it is that special bond that exists between all women. It’s hard to define but I feel its there and I love it! 

 What does your dream house look like?

Open, light and lots of plants.

What’s baking in your oven/ Specialty?

I have been trying to master my mums (Macedonian) baked lima bean dish. 

Favorite food?

I am a sucker for pasta!

Describe your favorite piece of clothing and why?

It’s always my latest new piece. At the moment I am looking for my new favorite.

 How do you keep a healthy mind, body and soul?

I have practiced yoga regularly for about 15 years and I meditate. Sounds very zen but I’m not that zen at all – in fact the opposite, which is why I keep up the yoga and meditation.

Your most memorable holiday?

My now partner, invited me to accompany him to his sons wedding in Italy a couple of weeks after we got together. He offered to pay if I agreed. Obviously, I said yes and it was so much fun!

Ocean or desert?

I love the ocean. I often daydream of summer sunsets – especially in the winter.

Apertiff or digestiff?

I love a pre-dinner drink or two!

 Sunrise or sunset?

I’m not a morning person so definitely a sunset.

Dance party or dinner party?

Dinner – I Love food. 

Favorite smell?

Old style dark red rose.

What’s on your bedside table?

Always a pile of books… 

The first album you ever bought is…?

I didn’t buy my first album, I unintentionally won the entire Santana collection when I was 13.

I arrived home from school one day, went straight to the phone and called the radio station to request my favourite song, so I could hear it as soon as I switched the radio on. There was apparently a comp going and the switchboard was jammed – the DJ was so surprised that I got through, that even though I had no idea what the question or the answer to the quiz question was, he said I deserved to win.  He had a good sense of humour. I won 12 Santana albums!

What are you listening to now?

At work - Syd by Fin

In the car – Live From The Dentist Office by Injury Reserve

At home – 3 Gymnopedies by Erik Satie


One or two things you want to do before you leave earth?

Learn to make ceramics well.

Live in a random country other than Australia for a year or two.

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