Dream Sister | Lucy Corbit

Dream Sister | Lucy Corbit

Lucy kindly welcomed us to LA with a big heart and stories of her relatives psychic experiences and astrology calendars. Thanks for being a friend across the ocean. 

Full name: Lucille Corbit

What does work mean to you and what do you do?

I work for a shop called Courtyard LA, and I would be here all day if I tried to describe exactly what I do.  I know that for a lot of people work ethic comes from passion and interest in what they’re doing, and while I am currently lucky enough to have a job that I love and find extremely fulfilling, for me work has always been about putting in 110% and being proud of myself no matter what.

I think that especially with social media being the huge force that it is right now, women in particular are made to feel like if their job isn’t cool or impactful then it’s not worth much. Sometimes you’ve got a shit job, but working hard and supporting yourself is something you should always be proud of. Having a career you love takes hard work, but it’s also an immense privilege and I think you can really only get there in a real way if you hold space to respect both your own work ethic, as well as that of those around you regardless of how interesting it may be to you. Remembering this allows us to get where we want to be without losing our minds or stepping on other people to get there.


Tell us a dream you’ve made come true?

It hasn’t come true yet, but my birthday is in a few weeks and I think we’re going to a farm to play with baby pigs.


How do you unwind?

With a hot bath.


How do you wind up?

With a cold bath.


What can friends count on you for?

I’m always hungry so I always have snacks and am always down to go get food.


What does the word sisterhood mean to you?

To me sisterhood has a lot to do with communication and the power that comes with listening to one another. While it absolutely is a unifying word, it’s also one of difference in the sense that you may have 9 things in common with your sisters but that 10th piece you don’t share is where actual “sisterhood” begins. That’s when we get the chance to learn from others and see the way we operate from an outside perspective while still within a supportive and open framework. It’s important to remember that “sisterhood” can take a million different names and forms, and that it above all must create inclusive and constantly developing environments.


What does your dream house look like?

My mom has this recurring dream where she lives in a house that has this big room with all of her favorite books, movies, and albums in it- and she knows that they’re her favorites, but she hasn’t read, seen or heard any of them before. I think I’d really like to live there.


What’s baking in your oven/ Specialty?

I really love cooking and I try to make new things all the time, but the one thing I think I’ve perfected is a really really good mac and cheese.


Favorite food?

I probably only eat cereal once every two to three years, but every time I do it’s amazing so I think maybe cereal. Cinnamon toast crunch if I had to pick one.


Describe your favorite piece of clothing and why?

I have a sweater that belonged to my aunt who passed away that’s cropped off white angora and has little pearls along the neckline and I think I love it so much because it’s so completely not my style but I can see her wearing it when she was my age.


How do you keep a healthy mind, body and soul?

I keep a lot of lists. Things that make me happy, things that make me cry, things that make my stomach hurt or my eyes feel weird. I try to be as aware of all my feelings as I can be so that I can be present in the choices I make.


Your most memorable holiday?

When I was in middle school the class would go on a short camping trip every year, and they were always science focused. When I was in 7th grade the teachers took the whole class on this little night walk out to the water and we all laid down to look at the stars. I walked next to this boy who I had a huge crush on and he held my hand the whole time and I just remember thinking it was the coolest thing in the world to have someone like you back.


Ocean or desert?



Apertiff or digestiff?



Sunrise or sunset?



Dance party or dinner party?

Dinner party


Favorite smell?

Wet plants/dirt


What’s on your bedside table?

I don’t have one but I keep lip balm, a scrunchie, and a good sleeping t shirt on the floor next to my bed.


The first album you ever bought is…?

The Destiny’s child Charlie’s angels soundtrack and Blink 182 take off your pants and jacket. I bought them at the same time because I couldn’t borrow my sisters copies, and my cd player was shaped like hello kitty’s head.


What are you listening to now?

The podcast my favorite murder


One or two things you want to do before you leave earth?

I’d really love to feed and hang out with a baby giraffe. I’m sure I could think of a million more important and meaningful things, but I just think giraffes are the coolest.

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