Dream Sister | Kim Lewis

Dream Sister | Kim Lewis

Where do we even start with this woman! Kim stokes the fire that is Sister Studios. She is a beloved friend and the director of Welcome Creative, the sales and creative agency that is accountable for Sister Studios. Kim is the sweetest peach on the tree with an open perspective on all things, she is our voice of reason. Kim is the ultimate go to sister for a party night and can throw down the moves like no one else on the dance floor. 

Full name: Kimberley Jane Lewis


What does work mean to you and what do you do?

It has always been important to me to work in an environment where women are the leaders and the drivers of their own businesses, and I am thankful that I encounter this within my work everyday. I feel so lucky that my job schedule allows me to surround myself with some of the most driven and creative women that I know.


Tell us a dream you’ve made come true?

 Immersed myself in some of cities that I used to dream of as a kid.


How do you unwind?

Whether I am cooking a meal at home or going out for dinner with friends, good food and great company is my favorite form of therapy.


How do you wind up?

Dancing. Always.


What can friends count on you for?

A shoulder to cry on, a vino, a laugh and a serious boogie session


What does the word sisterhood mean to you?

I do truly feel women are the driving force for change in this world. I think, right now it is especially important for us to be looking beyond our immediate group of sisters, because we are ALL connected and when we work together we will be an unstoppable force.


What does your dream house look like?

Loved ones, all my favorite foods, a fully stocked cellar, ocean, trees, warmth and a constant sense of calmness.


What’s baking in your oven/ Specialty?

My secret chili recipe ;)


Favorite food?



Describe your favorite piece of clothing and why?

The SISTER merino wool skivvies have been my lifesaver this winter. I literally layer them under and over everything!

I also adore anything my mum has handed down to me, as well as a couple of dad’s tees from the 70’s. I am a Cancerian so I cling to anything with meaning and that reminds me of home or loved ones.


How do you keep a healthy mind, body and soul?

I am currently trying to master meditation haha! I’ll also try to squeeze in yoga or a Pilates class when I can.


Your most memorable holiday?

Hiking in Guatemala and sipping coconut rum in Belize.


Ocean or desert? The ocean! I wish we would take better care of it 


Apertiff or digestiff? A spritz in the sunshine please.


Sunrise or sunset? Sunset


Dance party or dinner party? When does a dinner party not turn into a dance party?


Favorite smell? Mum’s house and eucalyptus


What’s on your bedside table?

Rose water, a handful of essential oils, my notebook and a pen.


The first album you ever bought is…?

Destiny’s Child – The Writing’s On The Wall


What are you listening to now?

A bunch of BBC podcasts including the ‘The Inquiry’, ‘Great Lives’ and ‘Desert Island Discs’.

SISTER mixes will always gets me in the mood for a boogie J


One or two things you want to do before you leave earth?

Be more creative for my own personal enjoyment. Adopt a dog. Make the time to volunteer. Travel more with my love.

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