Al on HOLIDAY - Postcards from Yuin Country

Al on HOLIDAY - Postcards from Yuin Country


Over the 2021/2022 summer break I was lucky enough to spend some quality time on Yuin Country (the South Coast of New South Wales). 

We took a long roadtrip down the coast from Sydney, stopping in lots of sleepy beach towns along the way. 

Some of my fave memories from our heavenly camping trip include Mimosa Rocks National Park, a spontaneous swim with dolphins at Guerilla Bay and the many opportunities for me to finesse my oyster shucking skills at every road side store we stopped at (which was many!).

I've included some of my holiday snaps which perfectly capture what I got up to over the break, hopefully they inspire something within you to get out and explore the beautiful country you find yourself on.

Alice xo

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